September 23, 2016


Taryn Ward, Bs Slappy 5-0 at a popular Wino hangout in the South Wedge, Photo: Lomando

meolliebswallride3 (1 of 1)

Joe Lomando, Ollie Bs Wallride, This spot was built by an older OG, but only lasted about 2 weeks before the city demolished it… Photo: Bosch

kevinsspolejam (1 of 1)

Kevin Bosch, Switch Pole Jam, dodging cracks and some signage. Photo: Lomando

kevinboschwalliehydrant (1 of 1)

Japhey Dow, Wallie in the west suburbs. Photo: Kyle Hofsasskevinboschgaplip

Kevin Bosch, Ollie to Front lip in Midtown. Photo: Lomandojaxdumptruck (1 of 1)

Japhey Dow, Dump truck outside Syracuse. Spot is a bust. Photo: Lomandojaxbeanplantblunt (1 of 1)

Japhey Dow, Beanplant Bluntslide in the suburbs. Photo: Lomando


Japhey Dow, Ride on Grind in a crusty alleyway. Photo: Lomando

japheydownollieshuv (1 of 1)

Japhey Dow, Nollie Shuv over bench on the High Falls Bridge. Photo: Lomando

evandowbstail (1 of 1)

Evan Dow, Bs tailslide while Adam Bos mans the vx.