Jonathan Twombly Interview

May 17, 2017
photos by Peter Cirilli

5050, p- Cirilli

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m sixteen years old and I’m from Shelburne, Vermont.

What’s Shelburne like? Is it near a city or anything?

It’s like 10-15 minutes outside of Burlington, which I guess is the biggest city in Vermont. But there’s really not much around here.

What’s high school like nowadays?

High school nowadays is wack. I spend most of the day looking at my phone and snapchatting my friends, and the rest of the day trying to do work but not really.

Do you skip class a lot?

No, I’ve never skipped class.

You got a license or a car?

Just got my license! Right now I’m just whipping on my moms car. It’s fun.

Hell yeah, what’s the longest skate trip you’ve gone on? Any trips in the moms car yet?

Longest skate trip I’ve gone on honestly is probably day trips to Montreal, or a day down in Boston or something, not really too much.

back d, p- Cirilli

Would you rather never have homework again, or never get another shinner?

Oh my god dude, probably never get another shinner cause I never do my homework anyways.

Ha, have you ever skated a vert ramp?

I have, yup.

Did you go over the coping?

Lately I’ve been trying to get my frontside airs down on a vert ramp. Shit is scary as fuck.

That’s tight. Do you think yr done growing?

Yeah probably, I’m only like 5’4 and I haven’t grown in like two or three years.


front board, p- Cirilli

What’s yr local shop?

It’s Talent skatepark and shop.

Do you people give you free stuff to skateboard?

Uh, no. I get no free stuff to skateboard with.

Alright, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I have no idea, something fun. Maybe be a skateboarder? Who knows.

Did you have anything you wanted to be before you started skating?

Probably like a fireman or some little kid shit.

half cab, p- Cirilli

So we always hear older skaters opinions on the current state of skateboarding, but what do you think about it?

Dude I think skateboarding right now is just dope. I don’t think it could be any better in my opinion, but the og days were pretty cool too.

What do you think about the olympics?

Nah, fuck all that.

Do you think instagram is a good thing fr skateboarding?

I don’t know, I mean I use instagram everyday but it’s kind of weird cause skaters put out like really amazing stuff on it and then it’s gone the next day. I mean fuck, it’s fun, but kinda weird.

Yeah I mean I found all these photos you sent us on yr instagram already posted. You know yr not supposed to do that right?

Oh shit, I blew it…

Yr all good, we said fuck it.

I need to sign a contract to not use that shit.

Do yr friends party?

My friends are always partying and I always just go around with them and never do anything. I don’t really party that much, which is kind of weird cause I’m in high school.

no comply, p- Cirilli

Who are some of the OG heads from yr area?

Probably like Chris Colbourn and Jordan Maxim. Those dudes are blowing up right now but I used to look up to them when I was like a young skater, and they were all from my town which was cool.

You don’t know a guy named Shane Driscoll, do you?

I do know Driscoll, haha! Yeah he used to work at Talent.

That’s the homie. So do you think yr vote would’ve mattered if you were old enough to vote?

Eh, probably not. But I guess you should vote anyway right?

That’s up to you bud. You got any last words? Anybody you wanna shout out to try and get some free shit?

Yo, shout out McDonalds, hook it up I’m hungry. Shout out to Talent park and shop, and yeah man that’s about it.

Good shit, go delete these photos off yr instagram, peace buddy.

Sounds good, good talking to you.

tailslide in, p- Cirilli