Jeff Rasp Interview

November 2, 2017
photos by Dharam Khalsa

fence bash p- Khalsa

What’s up? Can you hear me?

Yeah sorry, I just took a shot. It was horrible.

What do you have against vegetables?

Damn bro. Aight I think what it really is, I grew up with my parents not letting me leave the dinner table unless I had all the vegetables off my plate. I’m talking, forcing them down my throat gagging and they’re telling me I can’t leave. I think that fucked me up in the head cause now it’s literately not even a taste thing, it’s that I crunch into a vegetable and that’s what gets me. I start gagging. I have been eating a lot more vegetables lately though. A lot more. Your boy healthy.

How big is Texas?

It’s fucked up big. You can drive 8 hours from Austin and still be in Texas. It’s huge. But everywhere else is completely different then Austin. There’s Austin and then there’s Texas, for sure. Austin’s like kinda weird, pretty hip but the skate scene’s crazy.

What do you do for work and do you enjoy it?

I’m an energy efficiency technician which means I pretty much weatherize houses, blow insulation and do duct replacements. No I don’t enjoy it, it’s the worst job I’ve done in my life. I literally contemplate my life probably three days of the week in an attic.

What’s the smallest hole you’ve ever crawled in and out of?

Literally as big as my shoulders can get is it. I’ve been to ones I can’t get into and then I get Brandon or Cole to jump in those. Literally as small a hole as I can possibly fit into I’ve been in there and I’ve fucking sealed it. It’s horrible.

alley oop indy p- Khalsa

Most beers ever shot gunned?

Yeah that’s definitely gonna be on the Saint Louis trip. Me and Jeffery Gibbons were on one. We were trying to see who could shotgun the most beers in a two week span. We both definitely broke 50, I think I got 55 and he got 53. But all together on the whole two week trip there was 200 beers shotgunned. That’s definitely the most of my life.

I heard your dad’s a hip hop producer?

Yeah my dad is probably the sickest dude ever, he just loves music and is good at producing and somehow produced a song by Twista and then another one by 8ball & MJG. I think he met a couple of dudes from Bone Thugs N Harmony. He got to do a song with Krayzie Bone. He would bring me home these autographs before I even knew who the dudes were, I was young. Looking back on it, it’s so sick.

Who smokes more weed you or your dad?

Definitely my dad. He’s always smoking dude. That’s probably why I started. I remember finding like at least an ounce before I even knew what it was. Took it from him and showed my friend. We probably took like an ounce and sold it for fifty bucks. We were stoked though cause we were young and didn’t know what we were doing, and just made fifty bucks and got stoned.

Are you religious?

Nah, but I’ve had some pretty crazy religious stories… Alright dude this was fucking insane. I was probably fifteen and I went to
a contest at this church in Missouri and one of the judges was Christian Hosoi. I ended up winning the contest and he came up to me afterwards and the first thing he said to me was “Yo you got sick stalefishes” so I was hyped. So hyped. Second thing he said to me was “Will you pray with me?” Uhh fuck yeah I’m gonna pray with Christian Hosoi, before I even really knew what was happening I was holding his hand and we got circled, like everyone from the contest circled us and he’s like “Alright close your eyes and repeat after me” So I’m standing there repeating his words. It was insane, I’ll never forget that.

What happened with Brian Sumner?

So this one I’m a little older, probably like eighteen. It’s after another contest and Brian Sumner came up to me and was just spouting this religious, I don’t even know. I just had to tell him like, nah man, I appreciate what you do with everything but please don’t push, like just don’t. It was completely different than the Hosoi thing. 100% different.

180 fakie 5-0 180 out p- Heikkila

Lincoln Tunnel Nightmare?

Aight so I left Woodward by myself one weekend, it was actually go skateboarding day weekend and I wanted to spend it in New York, so I left. I had a blood clot forming in my butt cheek but I didn’t really care about it, I thought it was just a bruise and I just wanted to skate. I went to the House of Vans on go skate day and literally did a 5050 in the shallow end of the bowl there and fell, landed right on the thing in my butt, I keep forgetting what its called, but I knew right away that I fucked up. That was all that was in my head. I fucked it up again, I have to go to Woodward by myself. I didn’t eat or drink anything that day and I went to the store and got Tylenol extra strength and just hit the road and of course hit traffic in NY. So I’m in traffic and I’m already feeling weird as fuck I’m like buzzing, my hips are numb, but I’m like I just gotta get back to Woodward. I finally make it the Lincoln tunnel and at this point I knew I was fucked cause I couldn’t let go of the steering wheel. My one hand was like locked cause I was dehydrated as fuck. I call my sister, cause she’s a nurse, and I leave a voicemail and forget that I’m even on the phone. I finally make it out of the Lincoln tunnel in Jersey and pull over and I’m yelling for help, literally yelling out of my window and that’s the voicemail my sister gets. Just me yelling “HELP!” “I need help call 911!” The voicemail ends and I’m still in my truck just yelling for help. The only person who comes over is this Mexican lady and she doesn’t even know what I’m talking about, literally walks away. Then another dude finally comes over and calls 911. I get picked up by an ambulance get taken to the hospital and no one knows whats wrong with me. My girlfriend, family, everyone thinks I’m dead. Fuckin crazy bro. All cause of a little bruise on my butt cheek. Worst thing ever.

How many types of inverts can you do?

Frontside invert, egg, invert, invert revert, I’ve done like six, I guess you can say seven cause I’ve done andrechts, but it’s a harder one.

Street or tran?

I like transition more, I grew up skating bowls and stuff. Started skating street later only because people are kinda more hyped on seeing big rails and shit but I’ve always definitely loved transition more. Big transition and vert. Vert is not dead.

Biggest rail you’ve grinded?

I did a 21 stair a couple weeks ago. That’s definitely the biggest. I’ve always wanted to grind the same stairs as my age so I’m just looking for a nice mellow 26.

You better hurry up or you’ll be looking for a twenty seven.

I’m about to be twenty seven so I might as well find the most mellow thirty stair and give myself a couple years.

5050 p- Khalsa

Favorite ditch?

It’s an old awesome spot called 5 hips but that spot’s pretty much been gone since I moved to Austin but they have so much other shit to skate there. Definitely one of the best skate spots I’ve ever skated, the most perfect jersey barrier that someone just poured right there. Then right across the bridge theres like this wallride with a ledge sticking out of the wall, and then you keep going down the ditch and you get to the old DIY spot 5 hips.

What is your favorite thing about Texas?

Everyone in Texas is super nice, even when it comes to the skate scene. I pretty much moved here and everyone welcomed me with open arms. Southern hospitality is a real thing.

Lamest thing about Texas?

Definitely the heat. It gets brutally hot, and I already told you for my job I’m working in attics. You literally can’t skate for most of the day, you gotta go swim, and then wait for the sun to go down, then you can start skating.

Favorite filmer?

Jeffery Gibbons by far.

Favorite hard flip back lip?

Oh dude, Brandon Marlen.