Central New York

June 28, 2017
photos by Frederick Zang

Getting into photography through skateboarding has been one of the best things I could have asked for. It’s just how the skate community works, you meet one dude out skating you ask to shoot a photo, a bond is formed and next thing you know all of your friends are some really talented dudes. So I keep my camera in hand at all times.

Andrew Grabowski, Frontside Noseblunt. One of Syracuse’s newest additions, this nose blunt was like clockwork for Drew.


Jamel Godbay, Front Blunt to Fakie. In the heat of summer on fire and on a day where he was too, dipping a front feeble for a warmup and putting down a clean front blunt to fakie back to back.

Matt Goodwine, Backside Lipslide. Comes correct on everything when it comes to this guy, Matt will drop 4-5 tricks at every spot he skates, backside lipslide with style for miles.

Aside from a handful of flip tricks, very few tricks had been done on the rail at this spot. Matt stacked 4 clips in about a dozen tries. Perfect Smith grind in the brisk mid-autumn air.

Scott Palmer, Kickflip bs Tail Shuv. Where security is tight but there’s perfect ledges, most sessions end within a matter of only a few tricks. Scott caps off a quick two-piece line with a textbook kickflip back tail shuv.

Matt Goodwine, Frontside Wallride. Most people go to the 4-block in hopes of getting a clip then realize every trick has already been done on it. Amidst a heavy sesh, Matt takes another approach on something previously only done backside.


Shooting in Central New York can be interesting to say the least. The summers are hot and the winters are freezing and brutal so when it’s nice out we soak it up as much as possible. The motivation everyone has really is inspirational. The spots are sick, there’s always something cool looking or a little bit different then the everyday stuff you see being skated, it could be a super crusty spot or some new freshly built ledges. These are some recent photos from the past year.