Allston Christmas

January 23, 2017

Aiden Chenard, nosegrind

They say Santa only makes his rounds once a year, but if you find yourself in Allston, Ma. on September 1st you will find the blessings of Allston Christmas! It is around this time most of the apartments in Allston change hands, making this the only time of the year where you can dispose of your furniture via the curb. Not only is this the best day for finding that table, desk or chair you need. The pure volume of people moving in and out at such a fast rate provides you with plenty of adjustable ledges, bumps, wallies and Uhaul trucks. Giving you the opportunity to set something up around every other corner.

Brian Reid, fs smith

Brian Reid, front nose

Aiden Chenard, ollie up

It becomes a day of jokes, pushing around the Allston landscape in search for the best materials. This year we found ourselves skating one particular Uhaul ledge off a sidewalk for a while, until one of the chicks moving asked us if we would help her in exchange for booze. So of course we helped her move boxes, mattresses, lights and other shit into a random apartment.

Emmet Bleiler, drop in

Steve Hamblin, bluntslide

The Kraken was passed onto us like a torch, we all took a shot and continued at this Uhaul. Some of us began to skate in and out of the truck because it was beginning to be empty. Aidan landed an ollie up into the truck, and then the boyfriend of the chick shouted “get the fuck out of the truck!” completely catching us off guard as we just helped them move almost all their belongings. We kept skating, the girl who had handed us her rum 10 minutes earlier came out and told us this dude could go fuck himself and we could continue at it. Everyone landed what they were trying. This dude came back out and apologized to the whole squad, followed by the girl who awarded us another free bottle of wine for her mans arrogance. Leaving with some liquid courage we continued on. We found ourselves at a corner that seemed to have everything we needed to construct a janky kicker over a barrier or couch of some sort.

Frankie Nash, banana slide

Emmet Bleiler, crook

Brian Reid, tailslide

Our ramp began to come together like a puzzle. Until we found ourselves in a bizarre conversation with a lady who must have owned the property. A small language barrier lead us to laughing because she was defending her trash. A good hearted bystander called us out and told us to put her trash back. Fuck it, we put it back and went the next street over and started building another, but we just needed some wood from that house just over yonder. Apparently she had called the police on us for building ramps, and as I began to sneak a sturdy piece of wood from the house, two female cops rolled up and made me put the wood down. I tried to reason with her of course as I wanted to get this kicker going, she shut me down and told me to grow up. Fuck that.

We kept it moving. I’d say all in all it was a successful Allston Christmas. We got some tricks, some clips, and some sips of the rum. Everyone ate some shit, and we all laughed a lil bit.