You said you’re on the road right now. Where you at? I’m living half way in between Vegas and California and right now I’m going to skate pools with that dude Ozzy, he’s kind of like the dude who Tony Hawk or Lance Mountain call to find a pool. He was in the Army and then […] →

Where you from? Portsmouth NH, born and raised here. I actually haven’t moved off the same block. Do you like it? It was cool for a lil bit but its just a small town, its so boring, and there almost no skate spots so I’m ready to get out of here. Whats your favorite place […] →

Fucking bee’s man. It didn’t help I was a wearing sunflower yellow shirt. Every couple seconds another one coming straight at you with their stupid buzzy eyes and sharp asses. Poor Gary is allergic, guy might end up with unnatural swollen extremities like a Kardashian. There’s definitely snakes in that grass too and possibly west […] →