Roger, what’s going on, what are we doing right now? We’re at the Phoenix Hotel, having a pool party. We partying in the Tenderloin. What have you been doing all day? Woke up in the sunset at a friends house, went and skated around a little bit and got some coffee, a coconut, and some grapefruit […] →

What’s up? Eating some lasagna. How long have you been skateboarding? Twenty three and a half years. Ever since I was 11. How did you get started and where? I started at the local elementary school up the street from my house. Indian lane. They had some benches there, and some curbs. Some janitors would […] →

It’s 2074 according to the Nepali calendar. Bring all the tools you can and leave the rest at home. Your ego, expectations, work style, and everyday comforts won’t get you far in Pokhara, Nepal. Quickly immerse yourself into the culture and let your hands lead the way. We built a 6,500 sq ft skatepark in […] →