What was the skate scene like growing up in Virginia? Ha! The skate scene was pretty much me. You didn’t have shops or anybody to show you the way? My friend gave me a board in like 6th grade. But I lived on a dirt road so I’d go two miles down the road to these […] →

Zane [Timpson] asked if I wanted to go to St. Helena and Napa Park to get our skate on for a Sunday session, and I was instantly down. Around this time of January the waterslide park is always closed for the winter and it just happens to be on the way to St Helena and Napa park, […] →

Getting into photography through skateboarding has been one of the best things I could have asked for. It’s just how the skate community works, you meet one dude out skating you ask to shoot a photo, a bond is formed and next thing you know all of your friends are some really talented dudes. So […] →

You said you’re on the road right now. Where you at? I’m living half way in between Vegas and California and right now I’m going to skate pools with that dude Ozzy, he’s kind of like the dude who Tony Hawk or Lance Mountain call to find a pool. He was in the Army and then […] →

Where you from? Portsmouth NH, born and raised here. I actually haven’t moved off the same block. Do you like it? It was cool for a lil bit but its just a small town, its so boring, and there almost no skate spots so I’m ready to get out of here. Whats your favorite place […] →