What you been up to today? My camera got recalled by Nikon and Ritz Camera sold it to me knowing that, so I went in there and tried to get them to exchange it but they weren’t having it. So this is a perfect opportunity to tell people don’t buy shit from Ritz, they scam […] →

Words by Stu and Louis So briefly explain what “Long Live Southbank” is and how it all came about. L: It’s a grass roots organisation rooted in the community of skateboarders and creatives who inhabit the Southbank Undercroft, very much the Mecca of UK skateboarding. We were formed when the spot came under threat in 2013, and gathered […] →

Like Moses mixed with some kind of post-industrial spray paint poacher I imagine Ted first finding this place… mattresses and miscellaneous debris, diapers, dropping hints of potentiality. Our Lost Colony came in a wave of wooden ramps that died rotting in the rain, but gave birth to a generation of less and less shitty cementitious […] →

So here’s the thing: Lightning doesn’t strike twice. The acronym FUBAR stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition / Repair / Reason. What I’m trying to say is, things went really wrong really fast and nobody was gonna be able to fix that shit. Everything was Fubar from the jump. You might have heard what […] →

What’s up? Can you hear me? Yeah sorry, I just took a shot. It was horrible. What do you have against vegetables? Damn bro. Aight I think what it really is, I grew up with my parents not letting me leave the dinner table unless I had all the vegetables off my plate. I’m talking, […] →