a short film featuring (jared castellazzo)(ralph basciano)(paul stewart)(gino atencio)(alex bruynell)(erick winkowski)(ishod wair)(henry pham) →

Whats up man? How you doing? Good mang, good. It’s saturdayyy. How you doing my g? Good man, ready for this weekend. So what you been up to today? I was working, just got out. I service coffee machines. ha! You get free coffee? Yeah I actually got two bags in my pocket right now! […] →

Boston. Established in 1630 is now the home of 7.6 million different people, and the location of over 100 different colleges in the greater Boston area. But what’s more attractive then all those young girls that roam the streets is the skate scene, and it’s accessibility to so many famous street spots. I say famous […] →

They say Santa only makes his rounds once a year, but if you find yourself in Allston, Ma. on September 1st you will find the blessings of Allston Christmas! It is around this time most of the apartments in Allston change hands, making this the only time of the year where you can dispose of […] →