What up Mike? What are you up to today? Hey man! Today I am working from home which entails writing emails, digging through hard drives, sending photos, etc. And answering these questions of course. Where are you from? What was skating like there when you first started? Steubenville, Ohio. Then moved to Lansing, Michigan when […] →

Full Length by Cam Dumaine featuring Aiden Chenard, Nick Petkauskos, James Pilczak, Myles Underwood, Ben Tenner, Taylor Clark, Jack Morris and Maddog 2016 – 2018 →

How’re you doing? Doing good. Worked this morning pretty early, got up at like 7, got off around 3 and just chilled. Not much to do in this snow. What do you do for work? I’ve been working for this moving company called “Lou Moves You,” it’s a bunch of skateboarders. The dude Lou is […] →