Yo, whats good man? Chillin, smoking, sitting on my bed. Word, you wanna do this interview? Sure, you got questions? I got a couple… So what’d you do today? Uhhh, I worked. Basically just packed vegetables in bags and boxes for hundreds of people. I’ve been working at this place Honeybrook Farm in Pennington. I […] →

Featuring Carlos Mendoza, Elijah Garcia, Rezza Honarvar, Justin stout, Khari Mcintosh , and Micheal McDonald Video by Alejandro Robles →

Do you remember the first time I took you street skating? If not the first, any interesting memories come to mind from your early adventures in the streets? Of course I remember the first time. We skated some factory spots by your parents’ house. I think you filmed me do a kickflip off a loading […] →

Where are you from? I’m from Connecticut originally. Grew up skating in parking lots and a local high school with some fun ledges and started taking the train into NYC.   When/where did you learn to kickflip? Not sure on my exact age but I’m going to guess around 10 or 12? It probably took […] →