How long have you been skating? Like 26 years maybe haha. What got you into it? My friend Darrel, he’s from my neighborhood. Just riding around butt boarding, he had a regular board and an old school board, a sizzler, and that was like my first board, riding around butt boarding on hills. It was […] →

Chris Ray interview by Steve Gengrich So how’s the new Skateistan Skate School in Johannesburg coming along? We’re finally making great progress and it will be complete in a few more months! How did Skateistan pick Johannesburg? Our programs would not be possible without the support of a variety of individuals and organizations, and we’ve […] →

Traverse the pacific. Exchange your dough. Buy a new toothbrush and a face mask. Eat kimchi and bimbap and pig intestines and all that. Drink soju with strangers in Hongdae Park. “Cass is ass and Hite is shite; I fuck with OB, though.” Bring wax, soap works too, with you everywhere- marble and tile, marble […] →

Where you at? What you doing today? I’m home now drinking some beers while I answer these questions. I was out fishing in NJ prior to this. What was the first magazine you had a photo in? It was Transworld back in 1994. I contributed a portrait photo of Ron Knigge for his Pro Spotlight. […] →