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Do you remember the first time I took you street skating? If not the first, any interesting memories come to mind from your early adventures in the streets? Of course I remember the first time. We skated some factory spots by your parents’ house. I think you filmed me do a kickflip off a loading […] →

Where are you from? I’m from Connecticut originally. Grew up skating in parking lots and a local high school with some fun ledges and started taking the train into NYC.   When/where did you learn to kickflip? Not sure on my exact age but I’m going to guess around 10 or 12? It probably took […] →

We put together a five man crew to head to Montreal. We all met up Thursday night at the Brooklyn Banks for the first time, but before that no one had met more than one or two of the crew before. This turned out to not matter at all. Vinny, Jeff, Ty, and those two […] →