Galway is a coastal city in the west of Ireland. It’s almost 900 years old. The geology of the area can be seen through the pavement. Cobble roads, granite sets and rough tarmacadam. There’s marble in the Connemara Mountains, but we weren’t blessed with any marble plazas or ledges. Considering the conditions, you’ll forgive us […] →

Florida is fuckin’ flat, to put it simply. This results in a major deficit of stairs, hills, and as a result, any sort of naturally occurring transition. There’s a few spots dotted sparsely across the state, such as Orlando’s Maitland Banks, the defunct Fashion Mall in Orlando, West Palm Beach’s Tamarind Banks… But for the […] →

Where’d you skate this weekend? I saw you went somewhere? I met Nick (Tyrrell) and those guys out at York Park and then went to this weird backyard set up I’ve never seen before, in York. It’s pretty sick, not done perfect but way better than I expected. It was fun. Where are you from?   […] →