A Video By AJ MAC Released on December 20th 2017 -Starring- Chris Falo Paris Summerville Jahmir Brown Jaesun Kevin Bilyeu →

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life…” What’s a work of art that you hope your life imitates? Well I really hope my life imitates something cool like that movie Koyaanisqatsi, but you know, my life probably imitates The Simpson’s or something, that’s what I watched the most of. Cats or dogs? I […] →

Featuring: Jasper Stieve, Eric Swick, Rob Fraebel, Will Cohen, Valentin Tomas, Trevor “Goofy” Ciccarino, Fabian Michel, Douglas Crisp, Joe Berger, Benny Goldman, Brian Delaney, Sergio Rodas, and Ariel Perl. Filmed & Edited by Rob Fraebel →

Featuring Tyler Menges, Henry Pham, and fuckin’ Tim. Filmed by Matt Iovannone, edited by Henry Pham →