“Steel” by Adam Bos. Skaters in order of appearance: Joshua Bos, Dylan Barnes, Ryan Desroches, Joe Yates, Evan Hay, Jake Bos, Japhey Dow, Taryn Ward, Evan Dow, Adam Kerrick, Adam Bos, Caleb Lilly, Matt Genovese, Liam Daly, Alex Furtado Filmed by: Adam Bos, Taryn Ward, Jake Bos, Joshua Bos →

What’s up, where’d you grow up? I’m originally from Verona, NJ and when I was 13 moved to Houston, TX, which was kind of a trip. When we moved there we all hated it, my mom especially. It was just culture shock, you know, kids were calling me a yankee and shit. I didn’t even […] →

Let’s start with the beginning. What was it like growing up in Milford, Ohio? I didn’t move there until I was a teenager.I grew up in College Hill, closer to Disc World, closer to the inner city. But I started skating in College Hill. And that was like ’88? Yeah, I was eight or nine. […] →

Originally a poorly designed skate plaza behind an indoor skatepark, Projet 45 was slowly ripped apart and rebuilt piece by piece as our own concrete wonderland. Some people came and went throughout the years, but there’s always been a solid crew behind the project making it happen. Either building, raising money, or spreading the word […] →

Were you born and raised in Los Angeles? I guess when I was really young I lived in Koreatown, but now I live in a little area considered Jefferson Park. Between Mid-City and Crenshaw district. And how old are you? I’m 25. Are there a bunch of spots where yr at? Yeah, actually there’s some […] →