Will Mazzari

September 26, 2016

bs 5-0

Can you kick flip indy?
Yeah haha.
Have you ever lied about where you’re from?


Where you from?
Boston, Massachusetts.
Have you ever got an A on a test?
Haha yeah.
Have you ever cheated on a test?
How bout a girl?
Have you ever had girls fight over you?
Yeah, this girl I was banging got punched in the face by my ex at some party I wasn’t even at. Crazy part was they sent me a photo like hey we are friends now and then 10 minutes later they fought haha.

fs blunt

Did this make you happy?
Happy nah but it was definitely hilarious.
Did you then fuck with the winner?
Hahaha, yea the next morning.
What about the loser?
Nah fucked her a couple hours before they fought.
Have you ever snuck your own beer into a bar?
Yeah a couple times.
Did that make you happy?
Haha of course.

fs blunt

You ever been arrested?
Pigs ever take your bud?
Yea got pulled over right after i’d smoked.
How many times?
How long apart were the incidents?
Haha the second time was two days before my court for the other time. Worst luck.
 Did you learn from your mistakes?
You could say that.
How many spliffs are required for you to make the trip from Maine to Boston?
At least 2 each way.

bs noseblunt

Would you cut a finger off for free spliff for life?
Fuck thats gnarly but do you really need all 10 fingers that bad.
Ever roll up on a chicks ass?
Yes haha got a couple of the homies hyped on it too.
How old are you?

back smith