September 27, 2016

Aiden Turtle Front 3 shuv

Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada, a popular tourist destination, and most of all a really cool place to skate and live. Our mild winters make skating year-round a possibility, as long as it’s not raining (which it often is), but grab your rain board and you’ll be good. The streets are pretty rough, and there are a ton of hills to bomb everywhere.

Avi Muhammad, Kickflip

Skating downtown is cool because you can pretty much just push around everywhere, or if you’re not feeling that, the skytrain makes it super easy to get around. Lots of ledges/rails in the city are capped and if you’re skating downtown security can be tight during the day, so you sometimes need to be creative or go
skating at night, which I personally love.

Austin Gino, Kickflip

Definitely check out the plaza downtown, it’s always a super fun time. I love how it’s under a bridge and is a bit crusty and gnarly, plus the bridge helps a bit when it rains. It’s like chilling at a spot but you’re at a park with all the homies. And everyone rips! It’s also pretty centrally located and a very convenient place to meet before you go skate.

Brandon Cotton, Nollie

Some rad shops are Menu, located in Gastown, and Anti-Social, located on main street. Both are run by skaters who do good things and support skateboarding 100% !

Dan Mcdougall, Switch Heel


Levi Wawryk, Heelflip


Levi Wawryk, Nollie


Liam Dawson, Fakie Ollie


Liam Dawson, Fs Blunt


Liam dawson, Kickflip