Tyler Dietterich Interview

December 23, 2016

bs 5050 p- Ben Hull

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 19 and from Lansdale, PA. Right outside of Philly.

What’s skating like in Lansdale?

It’s pretty dope, we’ve got a good scene with some people, they all shred. And we got a little DIY park called Wedgewood, it’s pretty sweet.

What’s up with Wedgewood?

It’s an old place, been around for awhile. Built by some older dudes that’ve been around, still skate sometimes. It’s a really sick spot, it’s basically all ledges.

You guys build anything yourselves or was it all the og’s?

Most of it has just been there. Recently we tried to build some stuff but it all just gets destroyed right away by the township. It’s weird they’re cool with whats there and they don’t fuck with it, but they don’t really let us build stuff anymore.

That’s lame. Do you remember yr first kickflip?

Oh fuck yeah dude, I don’t know if I remember my very first one but I remember when I first learned em, I would set my feet up retarded as shit. I went to Wedgewood and just sat in the corner of the park doing stationary kickflips the whole time I was there.

Do you believe in Aliens?

Aliens… Fuck yeah, I mean definitely. I don’t know what kind of aliens but there has to be some.

Who’s yr favorite person to skate with in Lansdale?

Aww shit, my favorite person out here to skate with? I can’t even choose, it’s just unfair. Every one of the Wedgewood homies. I try to go down to Philly at least like twice a week, and visit my friend Andrew Meyers. We always go shred and film together, it’s always fun. Usually Muni, haha.

You ever go on any big road trips?

Not like really long ones, but the farthest I ever went was last summer Andrew and I went down to Florida for two weeks. And then this past summer we went out to Montreal for like a week.

switch 5-0 p- Ben Hull

Rad, what were you doing in Montreal?

We basically just checked out the Dime website and looked at all the spots they had on there, and tried to hit as much as we could get to in a week. It was right before that contest, but we had to leave the day before, so that was kinda lame.

Bummer. What’s the worst pillow you’ve ever had to use?

What’s that?

Like a pillow, that you sleep on.

Oh the worst pillow! Ohhh, shit. Sometimes I’ll just sleep without a pillow, but I remember one time I was sleeping on the floor at Andrews apartment recently and I thought I’d be fine without one. But halfway through the night I just took my shoe, and just used that.

That’s the best thing you can use man.

Yeah a shoe, really anything can work as a pillow.

You ever broken any bones?

Never really broke anything as far as I know. Just stupid injuries that last a while, like sprains and shit.

What do you think the coolest spot you’ve ever skated is?

Man… I would just have to say Love Park was the coolest spot. Definitely the coolest spot I’ve ever been to. It sucks it’s gone now, it bums me out to think about it. But you just gotta deal with it, go to Muni you know, making due with what I have and what everybody has now. It does suck but there’s still good spots around Philly and shit.

Whats the worst haircut you’ve ever had.

Oh fuck dude… When I was growing up my parents always had me rocking a rat tail, like short hair with a long rat tail. It was the worst haircut anybody could have, its like a weak mullet. I was so young I don’t even think I cut it off, I think they finally realized that it sucked. And we were the only kids! Me and all my brothers, we all had them.

bs 180 nosegrind p- Ben Hull

Damn that rules. Did you have yours in a braid?

Nah I wish I did, that would have been a little better at least. It was really weird…

Is anybody hooking you up with product or anything?

Ambler Skateshop hooks it up for sure, and they got me hooked up with Sk8mafia and Jslv, out on the west coast. They’re sick I really like their stuff a lot.

You go to school or anything?

Yeah I just started my first year at community college near my house, save the money you know.

You got any big plans for 2017?

Well shit dude, I’m trying to skate. Save some money and not spend it all so I can take some good trips. I guess a good road trip is my only plan, and it’s not even planned out yet. But I’m definitely trying to go somewhere new.

switch nosegrind p- Ben Hull

You got a job?

I got no job right now, so I’m literally just spending my money that I did have saved, which is not good. But it sucks, you can’t really go to school, skate, and have a job you know?

It’s a balancing act for sure. You ever skated vert?

Not really, lately I’ve been trying to get more into that shit. Cause jumping down shit hurts your feet and you just gotta have a good variety. Keep yourself well balanced.

What do you like more pussy or money?

Pfffttttt, oh dude pussy for sure. I hate money dude, I wish I could go my whole life without money, I wouldn’t want to have to go my whole life without pussy for sure. If money wasn’t real, I’d be perfectly fine without the idea of money. But if pussy wasn’t a thing then I would just be like, somethings missing. You know, you need that in your life.

Yup. You voting for Trump or what?

Haha, I don’t fucking know man. I honestly don’t like either of the candidates, so I’m considering just not voting.

This is yr first time being able to vote isn’t it?

Yeah, and it’s like ‘this is what I get?’ Are you kidding me, I thought this would be cool, you know, make a decision. But they’re just both clowns, there is no decision.

Got any last words for anybody still reading this?

bs flip p- Davis Trinh

Shit, just keep on shredding and having fun.