Theo Korkidas

September 1, 2016
photos by James Juckett
What’d you do today?
I was down in Lancaster then we went to York skatepark. I was with Rob Reed, Nick Tyrrell, a couple other guys from out there.
Didn’t they get more built?
Yea they just built a second phase there like half a year ago, six months ago. Theres lights there now,
so its like a whole new place.
Where you from?
I live in Stroudsburg PA, in the Poconos basically.
But where you from?
I’m from Queens NY that’s where I was born. I moved from there when I was like 10 years old then came to PA.
Fav part of LV?
The people. the whole scene there is really welcoming, real cool, just a good group of people down there. if you go you know your gonna have fun. Andy Po set up a really good thing down there with the plaza and now theres 2 shops.
Did growing up in Queens affect you?
 Not really, I was there till about 4th grade I remember a lot of shit, but I’d say living in PA definitely formed me a lot more, as a person.
Longest you’ve gone without skating?
Probably when I was like 18 I hurt my knee, partially tore up some tendons and I had to do rehab for like 6 months, which really isn’t that long.I’m pretty lucky.
Any rituals for setting up a new board?
I usually do solid grip tape, no lines or anything. I pop the shields off my bearings, and I have the bottom washer off of my trucks. Those are the only things I really do to keep it almost the same.
Most trouble you’ve been in for skating?
I’ve never been arrested, I’ve got a good amount of tickets. I’d say the most trouble I’ve got in was skating this 9 stair hand rail at an elementary school in my town. Me and my other friend got caught there just trying to Bondo the crack. We really weren’t even skating at the time and we both get like $300 tickets.
5 skaters from LV?
 Jay Sigafous, Dustin Martinez, Gary Hilegas, Luke Koch, Andy Vasquez, Nik Stain. That’s 6. It’s so hard.
What’s some good places to go around you to skate?
We just went on a Connecticut trip pretty recently, there’s a bunch of really good skateparks out there and they’re all pretty close, located with an hour of each other. That was a fun trip. I go down to Lancaster, and to shorties, I really don’t go too far.
When was the last time you caught a fish?
Probably when I was like22. I’m 28 now. with my dad on a boat, I caught a stripped bass. It was pretty cool actually.
Were you bummed when we interviewed everyone in the J3T video except you? my bad for that.
Haha not really, I really don’t skate as much as those guys. they’re definitely doing a lot more things then I am. I didn’t take it personally. I’m just psyched those dudes are getting recognition cause they’re from where I’m from.
What was up with that video?
It was more or less Matt and those 3 dudes go out a lot, and go around different cities. We always would meet up at the skate park in our town, in Stroudsburg, and I’d go around with those dudes when I could and try to do something.
Favorite part of the plaza?
The vert wall and the escalator is really fun. Vert wall and has like a escalator ledge going down the side its like a quarter pipe. that parts fun. The clamshell actually is probably the best thing there. That things really good.
Dream pet?
I really just want like a German shepherd would be sick. I wanna get a dog one day, but not right now.
Favorite smell?
Citrusy, uh oranges. Oranges are pretty tight. that’s a good smell.
You went camping last weekend?
Yea, went camping out in Williamsport, PA. There’s a really good skatepark, well its really fun, out in
Williamsport and then there’s a cool little skatepark you can camp at.
What would your dream skatepark be like?
Willamantic skatepark out in CT is one of my favorite parks Ive ever skated. I think that park is basically as good as it gets. its one of those parks too if its super crowded with a lot of people you can still just go around it really doesn’t affect you at all.
Longest you’ve tried a trick?
I’ve gone back after not doing it one day, come back another. I probably wouldn’t try something longer than an hour or something. cause an hour is pretty long, that’s like forever when your trying a trick. I’ve  definitely gone back two or 3 times to do something but not in a while. that was like filming with Matt basically.
Favorite law to break?
Drinking in public is kinda fun. That’s a harmless crime.
Biggest difference between men and women?
That’s like a comment that’s gonna get me in trouble. Just our genitalia is a pretty big difference.
Any summer trips planned?
Thinking about going to to Ashville, skate with Ivan, JT is down there now. my friend Matt is down there.
How tall are you?
Last time you were in Philly.
Maybe like 3 weeks ago, we skated 9th and poplar, and I checked out Vs new shop he got with Sloan. I’m trying to go back down next weekend.
Sick, hit me up.