The Laird House TF: Tempe, AZ

May 30, 2016
Rigging shit up
The Laird House TF; Tempe, AZ
By Ethan Rhoads
Photos by Ethan and Isaac Rhoads
Ollie the squad
A few years ago, 4 soccer fans in a rock band lived at the house chronicled in this article. At the time my good buddy Conor Holliday saw an open room opportunity through his job and became their new roommate. Fast-forward a bit, and Conor starts recruiting skate friends to take over the rooms that were being vacated. Soon enough, The Laird House was born. A rotating cast of local and non-local heads have called this place home, and for a while before the tickets started stacking up it was the after-party spot for skate video premiers. The first obstacle that started the movement was a remnant of a junk spot up the street being shut down.
Isaac Rhoads - Nollie Bigspin
That up-ledge doesn’t see much shine anymore but the real ignition of the project came from the heroic efforts of Chip Mrowczynski. Chip dragged a 15 foot long angle-iron box home on his skateboard by himself, across one of the busiest streets in Tempe and since then it has only expanded. Recently, thanks to the plug, Conor got heaps of wood for free and has been going build-crazy ever since. This here is just a taste; there are talks of making a Laird House video. Long live Laird House.
Ethan Rhoads - One foot to pivot
Derrick Lines - Bs 180 Fakie Nosegrind
Derrick Lines - Sw ollie