Shane Kassin interview

June 2, 2016
col - shane kassin - half cab crook pop over sq - raleigh nc
Alright gimme the basic details, who are you? Where are you from? When did you start skating? Where are you at now?
My name is Shane Kassin. My dad was in the Coast Guard so I moved every 3 years. I lived in Florida the longest, so I claim Satellite Beach as where I’m from! I started skating in Houston when I was 13, I now live in Durham, North Carolina.
Does everyone in Florida really drive a Mustang?
I was just there a month or two ago and I think there may be some truth to those allegations.
To be honest there are people that love their mustangs in Florida but I can honestly say no one in my group of brothers has one and I’m proud of that!
col - shane kassin - front nose courthouse high rail 02 - durham nc
Tell me about bum face, when did Bumface first appear? How much control does he exert over your life? Is he actually in charge of things?
Bumface was just a character that I started drawing when I was a youngin’. I started doodling him on my skateboards and in random places. I can’t really describe the meaning of him! But ever since he became my Instagram handle he kinda just took over my life and I became him. BUMFACE!
How’d you end up Birdhouse flow?Not really one of the first brands that springs to mind when you think of skateboarding on the east coast.
My brother [no blood relation] Clive Dixon hooked me up for the most part. He gave me Jerome’s [Birdhouse TM] email and told me to send him some footage and see if I could start getting some boards. Jerome has been hooking me up with birdhouse boards since! I couldn’t be more grateful for it! Birdhouse boards are really good, I love their shapes! if you haven’t had one yet you should give them a try.
Was there ever a point at which you were trying to make a go of it in the skate world, or have you been tossing yourself off big ass drops this whole time just for fun?
That’s a funny question! I think everyone in their skate-life has thought or dreamt about what it would be like to make it, but for the most part I was just living life, working full time. I’d go out of town pretty much every weekend on filming missions or just fun road trips with the boys! And the tricks you’d try wouldn’t necessarily be based upon if I get this I’m going to get recognized or sponsored or any of that, it was all about being at the spot and having the battle with yourself and your mind, whether or not you’re going to be able to get the trick you want. Either it’s that huge
gap you heard of in that town or the crazy weird spot that stole your eye while driving through a new city. Something just sparks in your head and you just gotta try it! It’s a win or lose battle that can send you into a mental breakdown or make you the happiest dude ever! And at the end of it all it was just for yourself! So it pretty much is just for fun, haha.
What else do you have going on when you’re not skating?
I’m addicted to woodworking! I work in a wood shop during the day and I have my own studio space where I go at night and work on my own things. I like to make furniture from old skateboards and weirdly designed table tops with wood from different tree species. It’s great, I think every skateboarder should get into it! There are so many tricks and things to learn, it can never be fully conquered, very similar to skating but without the heel bruises and joint pain!
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Damn, you work a lot, your hobby sounds like a second job…Is it hard to balance skating with indentured servitude?
Haha, nah I’m actually immune pretty much! When I lived in Florida I worked for a commercial contractor which was way more labor intensive than my job now, and I’d skate everyday after work. My body knows no other way!
Rank the following from best to worst: Bowser, Lathe, Skateboarding
Oh man I don’t think any of these options are bad, I need them all! Haha. Bowser, my dog for the constant smile, my skateboard to escape life problems, and my wood lathe to just zone out and not think of anything but the pattern I’m trying to follow.
Are you stoked with how your part in the Scout turned out? What was the biggest battle? Any tricks that got away?
Yea, I’m psyched on it! I think Alex [Traboulsi] did a great job putting it all together, and it was super fun going out filming with him, he cracks me up! He’s just a good dude, and I’m glad he let me be part of it. Everyone involved with the video made it that much better of a project, it would be hard to not be hyped on it! I would say the switch front blunt on tall ledge was the biggest struggle, I think I went back like 6 times for that, haha. I think the worst part is that I went back a couple more times to try to get a better one, haha, horrible for your mind! Towards the end I tried to get
some bigger tricks but failed and kinda just had to draw the line as the deadline was there. You always just want one more!
bw - shane kassin - bump to crook surf club - durham nc
How do short guys end up having so much pop?
Haha, I don’t know how to answer that. I used to watch Jamie Housel when I was younger. That man was a hometown pop legend! He probably thought I’d throw his name in here! and everything in Florida is flat so you had to be able to snap up on things!
Anyone you want to talk shit about in public, or less interesting, give shoutouts, etc. to?
I’d like to thank you of course and Skate Jawn for having this interview! Alex Traboulsi for sticking with me during my battles while filming for Scout and letting me be a part of his project. We had some really good times! Jerome at Birdhouse, I’m super grateful for you sending me boards! Matt Hartzel is a nerd. All my friends that just make skateboarding that much more fun!
bw - shane kassin - switch flip hill bomb - raleigh nc
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