Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada, a popular tourist destination, and most of all a really cool place to skate and live. Our mild winters make skating year-round a possibility, as long as it’s not raining (which it often is), but grab your rain board and you’ll be good. The streets are […] →

Can you kick flip indy? Yeah haha. Have you ever lied about where you’re from? Nah. Where you from? Boston, Massachusetts. Have you ever got an A on a test? Haha yeah. Have you ever cheated on a test? Probably. How bout a girl? Unfortunately. Have you ever had girls fight over you? Yeah, this […] →

Taryn Ward, Bs Slappy 5-0 at a popular Wino hangout in the South Wedge, Photo: Lomando Joe Lomando, Ollie Bs Wallride, This spot was built by an older OG, but only lasted about 2 weeks before the city demolished it… Photo: Bosch Kevin Bosch, Switch Pole Jam, dodging cracks and some signage.  Photo: Lomando Japhey […] →

Photos by Dagget What are the origins of the name Jersey Dave? It all started when I was thirteen years old growing up in a town called Norwood, NJ. There weren’t too many people skating around there at the time, and one day I ended up meeting a few kids from right over the border […] →