What’s your name? Where are you from? How old are you? Chris Landry Aka ol dirty laundry. Atlantic city, New Jersey. 31 and on the run. When was the first time you skated Love Park? My first time at love park I was 12 it was a life changing experience. What else do you do […] →

Four score and seven beers ago…or maybe 2011, I had recently moved back to Lancaster city, my roommate Bobby was looking for work via Craigslist…I looked at the site for a minute, checked parking/storage and the top most recent post was the spot! I contacted a few guys to see if we could mimic the […] →

Whatup Ando? So where you from and how’d you start skating? What up! I’m from SF and I started skating when my cousin gave me my first skateboard in the late 80’s but id say I really got in to it around 90′ or 91′ that’s when i was able to go cruise around and […] →