P45 Montreal

March 26, 2018

Audrey, fs 5-0 p-Lavoie

p- Babas

Originally a poorly designed skate plaza behind an indoor skatepark, Projet 45 was slowly ripped apart and rebuilt piece by piece as our own concrete wonderland. Some people came and went throughout the years, but there’s always been a solid crew behind the project making it happen.

Ludo back shifty p-Lavoie

Either building, raising money, or spreading the word out there that we’re here keeping the fire alive for the community.

Dulude and Remi p-Lavoie

LP Aubin, fs smith p- Babas

This year marks a new era for us at Projet 45 in Montreal. What started about 7 years ago as a jersey barrier built by a bunch of dudes in their 30s without any tight transition to skate, evolved into something I think nobody really expected.

Jean Thomas, invert p-Lavoie

Ratpack & Jessy Ramirez p- Babas

7 years ago it was Quikcrete bags and this fall with the endless work of a few extremely dedicated people (you know who you are) we poured 45 cubic meters to open a completely knew section of the park.

Jhossan, handplant p-Lavoie

p- Babas

After almost 2 years of preparation, the new section is a game changer that was more than needed for the future expansion of the park and it’s our way to say that we’ll stay here forever. Come over, enjoy the skating, the bbq or eat some veggies from the garden.


I guarantee you won’t want to leave.