Ol Dirty Landry

October 12, 2016


What’s your name? Where are you from? How old are you?

Chris Landry Aka ol dirty laundry. Atlantic city, New Jersey. 31 and on the run.

When was the first time you skated Love Park?

My first time at love park I was 12 it was a life changing experience.

What else do you do besides skate?
I teach younger adults self defense.


Tail Drop

 Did you graduate high school?

I was to much of a savage for school but i did graduate the school of hard knocks.

How many times have you been homeless in your life?

I’ve been homeless most of my life my mom always tried to be there for me but it was hard doing it by her self when she got cancer it made thing that much harder.

Why did you quit skating for a while?

Best friends moving away made it hard for me to wanna skate every day meanwhile I was making a career out of fighting.

What was it like growing up in Atlantic city?

Hard, sketchy, and dirty but that’s home.


fakie ollie

What advice would you give to people struggling to follow there passions and live a fulfilled life?

The advice I have for people struggling is don’t come out of character for anyone. Follow your dreams but work your hardest for what you want. Do it for the right reasons keep the positive people around you. Keep it moving an don’t look back and most important never give up. Life is one big fight if it knocks you down get back up and go hard. Also you are your thoughts.

I heard your filming for 4 video parts right now? Tell us about that.

In the mist of filming four parts, and two parts are already done, but the last two are going to be a lot more work, but nothing comes easy. 1 part is HD, 1 part is VX, 1 part is go pro, and the other is cellphone.



What was the gnarliest thing you ever experienced in downtown Philly?

Getting worked skitching on a taxi and almost getting ran over.

What do you think about skateboarding in 2016?

2016 is a great time to be a skateboarder the people and things I’ve seen go down before my eyes have been seriously sick and all the spots popping up and shits crazier than ever.

Top 10 Favorite skaters of all time dead or alive?

The Gonz, Lenny Kirk, Tom penny Phil Sho, Jr. Neves, Jb Gillet, Kevin Taylor, Daewon Song, Fred Gall, Christian Hosoi.


roll in off glass

What was it like being a bouncer in the casino bars in Atlantic city?

Bouncing was a lot of fun it was like being famous I never paid for anything in Tropicana plus I like beating that ass dog.

Any crazy stories? Give us a couple juicy ones…

I have one juicy story the last two weeks shooting theses photos for this interview I was drinking and trippin balls 24/7 but it made the time I had shooting for mag that much more fun faded savage life.

Why did you quit skating to be a fighter for a while? What made you want to start back up again?

I got back my board because Jay Klotz and Ishod Wair hooked me up with some gear and I forgot how much fun it was to just go skate with the homies.

Any Words of wisdom?

You can make it in to the big time but at the end of the day it doesn’t mean shit unless you have your real friends and family to share it with. I’m nothing without my friends and fam.