NY to SF

June 20, 2015

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Written by Jawn F. Kennedy and Nobo

I’d never been to California and didn’t think I’d
go anytime soon until Andrew called me up with 
a link to cheap tickets and we be’d out. I was under the impression we were going for three things, weed, skating, and an escape from the oppressive east coast winter and snow all around us. I left out of NYC with Andrew, Max, and Dylan and we went straight to Kyle’s in Berkeley for the night. Matt V got in late that night after a long layover in Philly International. Kev, Zach and Jordan got there two days later. We ran into Bill Pierce and Nate Lacoste out there too. The homie Felix from Madrid was even out there and skated with us most days. It seemed like each day we added another head to the crew.

When I found out the jawn family was coming out for a visit I got real hyped real quick. I had been working with these homies for over a year and we’d never even met in person and I had been lacking a crew to get me juiced to go hit the streets. When I found out dudes were rolling ten deep I started making some plans, getting some homies ready to ride, and making space on my wood floors where three to six dudes would be sleeping. There was always at least someone that would end up having to sleep next to the kitty litter, but they took it like champs.

Kyle, Connor Pindar, Fred and Nobo took us in and showed us what was up. I really had no idea what to expect. Never knew shit about Cali, or even really thought about it. Sixty-degree days in January, skating everyday was unreal. It’d be cold at night sometimes but every noon we’d be out skating in tee’s sweatin.

These dudes were blown away by the weather, and I was too. They literally came for the most beautiful week of the winter, where the sun was out every day and it was almost tee weather at night. From morning to night we covered crazy amounts of ground every day. By the second day everyone was complaining about how sore their calves were from walking uphill so much, then we got to the top of the sunset,and split some roadies by the time we got to the beach everyone had a new appreciation for the hills. Andrew did quintara from the top like a boss, we stopped by Lincoln to be tourists, and then we cruised all the way to the beach and burned one as the sun went down.

The first day in S.F. after leaving Berkley we get to Connors place in the tenderloin and chill for a while. We all leave his place and bomb down some gnar street called Bush. There’s mad traffic and it’s steep as fuck. This guy’s yelling at me,to get my attention as I go through an intersection and naturally I think to ignore him, but slow down a little. “Yea, walk, your friends getting a ticket for skating right now” I see a motorcycle cop and Connor talking in front of me. The cop is holding Connor’s board. I sneak by. Down the hill we wait for Connor and are hyped to see him show up with a board, he had to ticket too though.

Early on people realized this was like a Skate Jawn trip we hadn’t planned. I was stoked
to go out there and meet up with the homie Nobo who’s been putting it in for the west side. I could tell he’d been killing it. And it was so stoking to see people out there hyped on the Jawn.

We went night skating downtown till super late one night, dylan wallrode the civic center fountain over the stairs in a line and all these bums were bugging out. He snapped his board but still had the ply left to bomb Stockton tunnel and the parking garage at the bottom once. And then we all did it again switch, but not before having the janitor at the top of the parking garage take a picture of all of us. Big ups janitor! Matt V had been getting drunk with the neighbors all night while we were out skating, we met him in the alley and he was immediately hype mode ready to go film and we got the clip. Everyone in the whole trip was just ready all the time, for whatever, it was sick.

Sickest part of the trip, for me at least, was the day Nobo hooked it up with the fifteen-passenger van for us. His homie Mikey has a van he takes bands around in, and he took us
all out along with Kappy as tour guide. We got breakfast burritos early that day and started off at a weird 70s skate park called “The Dish”. There weren’t really obstacles or anything just a big concave dish with a weird bump in the middle. It was still really fun. We did a bunch of trains around it and kept it moving. We hit Daly City park, Crocker, Balboa, In n Out Burger, Fort Funston, and ended the day at Twin Peaks. We got to check out mad parks, some better than others, but all fun and interesting. Crocker is crazy, pretty much the whole park is a bowl with hubbas going into the shallow that you can slappy into from certain angles.

We went to the Lowcard issue release one night, pounded some beers, got some mags and then decided to be out. Fred, Russian Bob, Matt V and myself rode past the bar for to hit the bank. We we were waiting outside and we rode off the curb on 22nd and mission and by the time we popped back on sidewalk there was a cop flashing his lights. Long story short dude slammed me into a storefront, cuffed me up, roughed me up, and threw me in the cruiser. On top of it he ticketed the homies who were just sitting there. But I don’t stress, I know that man will get his. We all had different ways of dealing with out tickets. Bob tore his up on site.

SF night life is definitely tight. You can get beer or liquor at most corner stores, and just drink on the streets which seemed accepted and fun. Also smoke. Lot’s of bars but the streets outside seemed just as fun. It was one of the best trips I’ve been on for sure, and definitely trying to go back next winter. Thanks to everyone who hooked it up, there’s too many to name.