Napa, CA. Waterpark

July 3, 2017
photos by David Guiterrez

Adam Anorga, slob plant

Zane [Timpson] asked if I wanted to go to St. Helena and Napa Park to get our skate on for a Sunday session, and
I was instantly down. Around this time of January the waterslide park is always closed for the winter and it just happens to be on the way to St Helena and Napa park, and after hearing the line-up of dudes we were rolling out with I had to drop the suggestion. I’ve skated the slides one time, last winter and with a little bit of convincing the crew was hyped up.

Brian Hamm, fs noseblunt

Elijah Ackerley, fs sal flip to tail

Zane Timpson, nose tap

So with Zane behind the wheel, myself in shotgun, Adam [Anorga], his brother, Elijah [Akerley], his homie squeezing in the back, and Brian [Hamm] picking up the caboose on the bike rolled out and threw down. An epic sesh with no bust. Lets just say we never ended up at St. Helena or Napa park.

Zane Timpson, boost