Marky Schwartz

March 7, 2015
photos by Ryan Kochel

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Lets get started with the basic questions, name, age, where are you from?

Name’s Mark Schwartz, 23, Reading PA.

How would you describe Reading to somebody who has never been?

It’s a dirty, trashy, stinky, small version of New York and if you want to skate our spots expect a crack around every corner.

When did you start skating?

I started skating when I was 9 years old. Magic park was an old 70s park made entirely of asphalt and it was also my local park. I was taught how to skate by long boarders, that’s why it looks like I’m surfing when I skate a bowl. Shout out to Chris, John, and Lee.

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What was it like skating in Reading growing up? Did you have any influences?

Fun as shit. Everything is always new. The best times I can remember on a skateboard are when I was growing up.

What was it like skating with Maurio McCoy for such a long time?

Absolutely amazing. When you know him as a true friend he’s the coolest person, and his brother Dante, we all grew up together. He has what it takes to be pro and just so everyone knows he’s the roach not me.

Why are you always smiling and laughing so damn much?

I’m not, it’s the shape of my face and the sun’s always in my eyes.

How do you balance everything in your life right now with doing HVAC work fulltime, school fulltime, and skating?

Don’t forget my girlfriend Heather who lives in Delaware too. It’s not as bad as it sounds. No it is. It sucks. I just have certain days I can skate and days I can’t. If I could skate every day I would but I gotta make a living and I need a backup plan if anything happens.

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What else do you like to do besides skating?

Besides being with my girlfriend, nothing. Skating is all I want to do in life, I hate everything else. Any type of career or hobby I think is lame.

I know you are big into music, what’s some stuff you’re into right now?

Right now I’m taking a step back from music. I was really into the indie music thing that’s still going on like the Mac DeMarco, Tame Impala stuff but why listen to that when I have an ICP cd in my car.

What kind of stuff do you prefer to skate?

Flat rails and skrellys.

How do you feel about skate contests?

I hate them, especially ones hosted by skate shops. The friends always win.

So, Congrats on getting on the Terror of Planet X squad! You went on a recent trip with them to North Carolina, how was that?

It was a blast everyone on Terror is so fucking cool and the spots were perfect.

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Are you an HD or SD type of guy or does that stuff not matter to you?

Don’t matter, as long as I got the clip.

Who do you usually skate with on a normal basis and what’s involved in a normal day?

Gabe Maldonado, Maurio, Zack Dawson, Nicky B, John Deperrot, Stuvert, Noah Knapp, Aden Long basically anyone on Holistic skate shop or who chills there. And there ain’t no such thing as a normal basis.

Can we talk about your 21st birthday and what all went down?

I puked all over the floor at Hooters then everyone had to listen to the Hooters girls cry as they cleaned it up and me laughing. I blacked out a few times.

What are your future plans?

Just like any other skater, I don’t know. Go with the flow, maybe try and make some things happen I never thought were never possible.

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