Mario Realegeno Interview

March 19, 2018
photos by Nick Weber


Were you born and raised in Los Angeles?

I guess when I was really young I lived in Koreatown, but now I live in a little area considered Jefferson Park. Between Mid-City and Crenshaw district.

And how old are you?

I’m 25.

Are there a bunch of spots where yr at?

Yeah, actually there’s some really cool shit to skate here.

Is it normal schoolyard stuff?

I mean there’s this elementary school right near my house and that’s where I basically grew up skating, just like benches and tables.

You also do a lot of painting?

Yeah I do some painting sometimes, got a little studio space. I had a show last year but I haven’t really done much recently, just been skating all the time.

Who do you skate with a bunch?

Damn, I mean I skate with whoever is down to go out. Nowadays it’s been some friends from Chicago like Trevor, Eric, Blake, Nick, my friend Abraham, he lives a couple blocks away and isn’t working right now so I’ll skate with him.

drop in

What do you do for work?

Right now I’m not working actually. I was supposed to go to this interview today but I didn’t cause I wanted to skate.

Well done. So who’s been hooking you up with product?

Mike from Lotties has been hooking it up, Nike’s been giving me some shoes, and the homie at Jessup, my friend Brendan, has been hooking it up.

How is the new Lotties loc?

It’s cool, different than their old location for sure. For me it’s better cause it’s the only true shop in the hood. It’s no bullshit over here, it’s real, you know? There’s kids and local people that you see every day.

That’s awesome. Have you ever been to a foreign country?

I’ve been to China before. It was for school and they wouldn’t even let me bring my board, which kinda sucked.

Have you ever skated in snow?

No, I’ve never even seen the snow to be honest. Shit’s so sunny out here, I mean it’s the best weather out here but sometimes I just want some snow or some real cold weather.

front wallride

Have you been to many other states besides California?

I was just in Chicago last month. That was really awesome, just that whole city is insane. Everything there is good to skate. My friends Blake and Nick were showing me around and we just went to a lot of local spots that they knew and skated with the OG homies at night and just cruised the city.

Do you feel like LA isn’t like that? Do you have to drive to spots a bunch?

I mean you do drive a lot, just cause it’s so spread out and big. But if you just go to downtown you just park your car somewhere and skate around. Like I feel like I could skate a full lap around downtown LA in one day.

You do acting or any shit like that out there?

Sometimes, I’ve been in a commercial once, it was for Apple.

Did they make you skate in it?

Dude no, all I had to do was hang out with the homie and these two chicks that surfed and all we did was lifestyle shots. Like just walk around and chill and stuff.

So what’re you trying to do for work since you don’t have a job?

I don’t know, mainly right now I’m just skating.

Do you ever plan to move out of LA?

That’s a tough one. If I did it would be out of the U.S.


What’s the coolest place you’ve ever been?

I don’t know, I’ve always liked the feeling of being on a building.

You mean like a roof?

Yeah, yeah that’s just always felt cool to me.

Word. What’s yr favorite thing to skate?

Whatever’s in my way.

You smoke weed?

No I don’t. I’ve smoked and drank before but I feel like that stuff just kinda passed me.

Who would yr dream sponsor be?

Probably Whole Foods.

You eat real healthy and shit?

Nah I’m not vegetarian but I try. I just had McDonalds today though.


Thanks Mario.