Joseph Marrone

August 21, 2017
photos by Ben Hull


How long have you been skating?

First time I ever stepped on a board I was like eight at my cousins house. Looking back on it, it’ cray how sketchy the ramp was. Like if I would’ve eaten shit that day, I would’ve never stepped on a skateboard again. But I landed the drop in and I got all psyched and that kept me wanting to skate.

How old are you?

I’m eighteen now, just turned it. My last day of high school was the other day, my last exam was today. It’s crazy I’m about to go to college.

How’d you do on yr exam?

Ahh, fuck. I needed an 11% to pass. I probably got like a 12%. I didn’t know anything, I came home and told my mom I did real good. But I did what I had to do to pass, and that’s it. I’m out of there.

Sick. So yr going to Temple?

Yeah, well I really wanted to go to San Francisco, but I didn’t get in to USF so I’m going to Temple for now and then I’m gonna try and transfer to some other schools or something. I don’t know I’m trying to move out to Cali eventually so we’ll see what happens.

You said yr 18, have you ever been to a bar?

Yeah, one time on a Montreal trip. I went up there with Meyer and Tyler Dieterrich, and it was a lot of fun. They didn’t even card us! But one time I had a fake ID and I had it taken and got arrested and all this shit.

You got arrested for a fake?

Yeah man I was driving and it was the day after junior prom. I was all ready to go skate and I got pulled over for cutting off a cop, like a dumbass. So they pulled me over and of course they ‘smelled weed’ or whatever, and they searched my whole car and they didn’t find anything but then they found my fake ID. Man it was such a good fake… But they put me in actual jail, like not where they’d usually put me and shit. Then they called my dad, and my dads a lawyer so he got me out of it pretty quick. It sucked.


How long have you been skating Philly?

I mean the first time I skated Philly my parents were not trying to have me go there, especially after I told them I was taking the train. They were like nah, and just didn’t let me go. All my friends were older and were allowed and they weren’t having it. But then after that I started just going to the city on the regular and just not getting my parents permissions haha.

Did you skate Love a lot before it got demolished?

I mean I met Meyer and a lot of people there when I first started going to the city all the time. I guess I started going a lot sophomore and junior year, and then that’s the year it got demolished. So I had like two years there, but now we just skate Muni all the time.

Tell me about that M1 video premier you guys had?

Yeah that shit was fun man, it took so long to actually do. Tyler’s part was so crazy, man everyones parts were so good. I felt weird about my part, just cause I had that song ‘Rich Girl’ or whatever and that was hilarious, but we were gonna use that song where it goes ‘this is the way I live’ and I think that would’ve been tighter. I’m definitely happy with all my clips and everything that happened that night was really sick.

Yeah you guys projected the video in the pit at Muni?

Yeah, I didn’t think it was gonna work at all. Then we did it at ten pm and there were no bike cops in sight and just a crowd of people all watching it off the wall in the pit, and we were all standing up top on Muni, it was crazy.

No cops fucked with you?

Not at all. It was amazing, I thought they were gonna come and wrap it up quick. And I had to get my generator out and everything. That shit’s heavy as fuck.

That’s sick. You think yr gonna finish college?

Um, I don’t know. Right now probably, but I’m just going wherever the wind takes me right now. I’m gonna go to Temple and see what happens with that and you never know. I’m definitely not trying to graduate there though. I’m trying to travel really. Just trying to get out of Jersey.

That’s a good idea man. You ever skate any contests?

Yeah I went to Tampa two years ago, and then I was supposed to go again last year but then my dad wouldn’t give me the money to go. I guess he went to some teachers meeting and they told him I have a blank spot in my brain or something and he was all pissed so I couldn’t go this year. But I try to go to all the am contests around the country, and the local ones too.

Do they make you nervous?

Yeah definitely, at Phoenix Am I buckled my shit so bad. I had a good run going and then I tried to back tail the hubba and totally missed it. Fell all the way back onto my back and hit my head, and then I still had a minute and half left in my run and I literally just sat there. Those thing are always fun cause of all the parties and you get to meet all the homies and everything. That was the first contest my mom came to since I was like a grom at Philly am. And I just ate shit and embarrassed myself and it sucked. My moms been really hyped lately cause I’ve been getting boards from Enjoi sent to the house.

That’s sick, how’d that happen?

Well I ride for Curbside skateshop and I was talking to a rep who I had met in Phoenix and I just asked if they could send my footage over to James Craig, the team manager. Then he just asked me if I wanted to get flowed and I was real hyped.

5050 transfer p- Francis Lam

What trick do you want to learn the most right now?

Fucking kickflip crooks. I try that shit all the time and can never do em, shit’s ass. Just to do a nice kickflip to pinch, but that shit never works out like that.

Whats yr least favorite trick?

I don’t know the flamingo? That shit’s kind of gay.

When’s the last time you got kicked out of somewhere?

Probably Muni. There’s always cops coming there, but they don’t really do anything. It’s not like run, skate, chill. It’s like walk, skate, chill.

Besides skateboarding what’s something yr good at?

Oh man, this is a hard one. I’m not too good at too many things… I’m really just ass at everything else to be honest. I don’t know, that’s a hard one. I’m gonna have to think about that one.

Spend too much time skating to try to be good at anything else?

Yeah, I don’t know. I’m good at playing with my dog. We just got this Newfoundland and he’s huge, like under a year old and already ninety pounds. He’s supposed to gain like another sixty pounds and he’s already taller than me when he stands up. He’s tight.

Would you date a chick who skates?

Fuck no cause then they’d probably get better than me! Ha, nah I remember when I was in like 3rd grade I had some little girlfriend or whatever and she tried to skate and I just hated it. Right when I started to skate my sister did too, but she stopped in like 5th grade. But she could drop in and kickflip and all that before I could.

Is there anything you do that helps you learn tricks?

I guess staying in shape, or going to the skatepark. I would just go to my hometown skatepark every day and I just remember getting a lot better from skating skateparks all the time. And running too, or going to the gym if it’s raining and try to work out my legs cause that shit actually helps. I used to put ankle weights on all the time and just walk around, then when I would get home I’d take em off and feel like I could jump off walls.

front lip p- Nick Treddinick