Jordan Gesko Interview

March 12, 2018
photos by Andy Enos

Gap to crook, p-Justin Ching

Yo, whats good man?

Chillin, smoking, sitting on my bed.

Word, you wanna do this interview?

Sure, you got questions?

I got a couple… So what’d you do today?

Uhhh, I worked. Basically just packed vegetables in bags and boxes for hundreds of people. I’ve been working at this place Honeybrook Farm in Pennington. I saw Sloan the first day I went to work on the road, it was funny.

Weren’t you working on a hemp farm in PA recently?

Nah I was just volunteering for the day, it was sick though cause they’re growing hemp for the first time in 80 years for research, and I got to visit one of their farms and experience the hemp seed harvest. It was tight.

So how long were you out in Cali for?

At least 13 months, I think a little bit more. Pretty much lived in my van the whole time.

What would you say the best part of the van life?

I’d say just being free and having options. You can do whatever you want you know?

What’s the worst part?

I don’t know I guess not knowing where to call home, just not being grounded. Also not having a bathroom or other comfortable things that make life easier. I’d definitely do it again though.

360 flip

Where would you make smoothies at?

I actually made em in the gym a couple times. But usually I’d end up making instant smoothies with like protein powders and juices I could buy and water, maybe add some honey.

So what are hempseed smoothies?

Are you hyped to be back on the East Coast?

Yeah definitely, I feel like I’m right where I should be. I have a nice job now that I like, which is something I should’ve had for awhile but being on the road was just hard. So it’s nice to just come home and chill. I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t gotten to go into the city or Philly as much as I want to, but that’s alright it’ll happen.

Where have you been skating?

Mostly Ann Van and my house. Went to Princeton fountain a few times, and New York a few times, one time to Philly. I wish I was going anywhere more. Thinking about planning another trip out west with Zach and Eric, and just hit a bunch of shit along the way.

What do you like better SoCal or the Northwest?

The Northwest for sure. It’s so dope up there it’s all redwoods and shit.

So what’s up with CBD?

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis and it’s known to be anti -inflammatory and beneficial to your immune system and overall creates homeostasis in your body.

What does rubbing CBD all over yr body do?

Basically takes pain away. We all have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies and it’s connected to our immune system. Basically it’s like… I don’t know I’m not a scientist so I don’t know exactly how to explain it. I feel the benefits cause I’ve been using it, and it just does magical things.


Word. So how fried are you?

Stoned. I just smoked haha.

You ever surf before?

I tried when I was little, I wish I did it more.

You didn’t try when you were out west?

Nah I wanted to get a surfboard but it would’ve made the van so dirty. I feel like you need a place if you really want to surf. But I mean Zack goes fishing a lot so maybe when he goes down there I’ll get a wetsuit and try while he’s out fishing.

You down with fishing?

Nahhh. I’m down to go out on the mish just to hang out, but I’m not trying to catch any fish. I’ll just take some binoculars or a book or something.

You got any tattoos?

Not yet, but I’m dating a girl that’s a tattoo artist now and she’s really cool so I’m thinking about getting one.

If you had to get one tonight what would it be?

I don’t know… I was thinking the Ann Van water tower would be cool.

How much money is a lot?

A lot of money is like too much money, but there’s never enough either so i don’t know, billions?

Sick answer. What’s the most you’ve ever smoked in a day?

Oof. Oh my god… That’s a lot of weed.


Can you think of any tricks you’ve learned since yr last interview a couple years ago?

Switch tre flips probably. Probably a bunch of tricks, I don’t know.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Happy on a weed farm, smoking a bunch and skating. Maybe traveling the world having fun with my friends, going to the city whenever I want and taking off work whenever I need to. Just living life the way you try to imagine it.

Have you gone on any trips recently?

Yeah we went to Montreal for that Dime glory challenge, that was probably the most recent trip for me. That was so much fun, it was awesome to see you guys and hang out.

Definitely Montana, and the Dakotas. Check out some Native American shit and some landmarks like Yellowstone and stuff. The whole northern route across country would be fun.

Definitely, you got any last words?

Yeah thanks for hitting me up, and thanks to everyone helping me out you know, NJ, Habitat, Spitfire and Venture. They’ve all just helped me out and let me travel so much, I can’t thank them enough.