Japhey Dow interview by Joe LoMando

May 19, 2016

JL: Ok what are your sponsors?
JD: Just locwood…when it rises from the ashes like the rabid Phoenix that it is.

JL: What’s your day job?
JD: I’m a plumber, full time. Mostly installing in new houses or commercial buildings.japhey dow, switch crook

JL: In no particular order who are five people who’s skating gets you inspired to get out ok your board?
JD: David Clark, Callum Paul, Nik Stain, Andrew Allen, & Brian Brown

JL: What about five filmers who’s work you really like?
JD: Geoff Campbell, Joe Perrin, Joe Bresseler, Adam Bos, and Jacob Harris.

Japhey Dow, wallride, Rochester NY. 2014 (Hofsass)

Japhey Dow, wallride, Rochester NY. 2014 (Hofsass)

JL: And what about five full length videos you’ll always re-watch?
JD: Windows and Doorways, Last of the Mohicans, Eleventh Hour, ATM Skateboards Animal Lovers, and Mosaic.

JL: What are the best and worst things about Rochester?
JD: Best: The cheap cost of living, the walking distance to any bar is 5 mins, no one skates here/there’s no skate scene.
Worst: The walking distance to any bar is 5 mins, no one skates here/there’s no skate scene, and everyone is living in the past.

JL: What is your favorite day trip destination?

JD: Albany is always a good time, or Syracuse.

JL: What current video projects are you working on?
JD: I’m working on a video with Taryn Ward that should be out this spring, and a project with Adam Bos.
japhey_heelamonster 2
JL: What tricks do you hate seeing?
JD: Haha…hard flips, smith kickflips, the slappy noseslide pretzel that’s trending now, and crooked grind kickflip out variations.

JL: What’s your least favorite place to skate?
JD: I’m not a fan of Buffalo.

JL: Favorite beer and mixed drink?
JD: Heineken, a nice whiskey sour.japheyfsimpastable

JL: What’s your favorite tv show?
JD: Star Trek the next generation.

JL: Fantastic choice. What are your various aliases?
JD: Jax, Jasper, Japeth (actual name), JP, J5th, and some coworkers have started calling me Spicy J.japheyfswallridekodakFINAL

japheynollieshifty (1 of 1)JL: What’s up with your brother Evan?
JD: He can Muska flip ANY quarter pipe with the brightest neon shirt and Walmart running shoes.

JL: Damn that’s impressive…any last words?
JD: Yea thanks to my boss for not firing me and thanks to Evan for teaching me switch 180s and always being down to fist fight.