Jahmir Brown Interview

December 23, 2016

Where you from?

Born and raised Philadelphia, PA. 215 represent.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from Philly?

New York., D.C. That’s it.

You remember yr first time at Love?

Yeah, first time at Love I was like ten years old and five minutes in the cops came through. That was the best feeling ever, just running from the cops with like a million people.

Do you think that Philly skating is different than New York?

Totally different, I mean in New York the scene out there is more trendy skating and it’s real cliquey. But everyone meets out here, everyone knows each other, everyone skates. Like if yr not downtown you don’t skate Philly, simple as that.

2016 is almost over, what do you think is one of the best videos of this year?

I’m still watching Sabotage 4 every day and old 90’s videos. Everyone’s hyped now, everyones good, everything’s sick now.

What do you think about mongo pushing?

I mean if yr doing it regular yr a dickhead. But if yr pushing switch mongo and you can’t push switch fast, I mean fuck it, whatever. It is what it is, people gonna hate on it but I still do it. I push switch mongo, I don’t really give a fuck. But I guarantee I’m getting that trick.

How do you think skateboarding affects you as a person?

It’s my life. Without it I can’t do anything.

You skate New York a lot?

Yeah, I’ve been going up there skating with some homies in Brooklyn, just meeting new people all the time, shit is sick.

What spots you been skating?

Really it’s been different shit every single time I go out there, which is ill. One spot I really liked was the Vietnamese plaza. There’s these ledges in the back and you could tell nobody really skates them. I had to break them in right then and there to get a trick. Definitely a sick spot though.

So who shot these photos?

The homie Mike from downtown, Andrew Meyer shot a photo, Billy Cox hooked it up with a photo, and then Matt Pepe hooked it up too. Jah bless all the homies.

What do you think is the dopest skatepark in Philly?

None. The streets.

But have you gone to Mcreesh, or Grays Ferry? Any of the ones out there?

If I had to choose one it’d be Grays Ferry or 9th and Poplar. Mainly just cause it’s a chill environment, yr not like ‘Oh I gotta go jump down these stairs, or I gotta go snake somebody.’ It’s more just mellow vibe tip, so that shit’s sick. If anything.

You go to school?

Yeah I just started a computer engineering major, but trying to skate as much as possible.

Do the chicks at yr school like skaters?

Yeah every single one of em.

Shit’s hot right now. Got chicks wearing Thrasher shirts and shit…

Dude the chicks can wear it though! It’s the dudes that can’t skate and you rocking a Thrasher tee, and you a nigga, you gotta take that shit off. I mean the main reason I say that is because when I grew up in Southwest you got so much shit for skating. I was the only skater in my neighborhood and people would clown heavily on me, like people used to try to break my boards and throw em in the sewer. So I see people out there rocking that shit I make sure to tell them to take it the fuck off.

How old are you?


Who are some people in downtown right now killing it?

EVERYONE. But if I had to choose one person it’d be my homie Kevin Bilyeu, cause that nigga is the raddest dude ever. Man, if people don’t know who he is now, they will pretty soon. That’s all I gotta say.

When was the last time you went to the beach?

Never, I fucking hate the beach. I went when I was five years old but haven’t been since.


What’s yr worst habit?

Biting my nails, I gotta stop doing that.

What’s the last trick you forgot?

Damn that’s a good one. Regular heelflips, can’t do em anymore. Still got switch ones though.

What’s one trick you’ve only done once ever?

Tre flip crook. I did one at Love and then decided to never do it again.

You ever been arrested?

Nah but I’ve been put in handcuffs before, some dickhead cop at Love. It’s a looonnggg story, but let’s just say it was Love.

You got any last words?

Lemme just shout out ILP, Jason, Kevin Bilyeu, Sabotage, and the entire 215. All my homies gonna make it one day.