Henry Purple

June 7, 2017
photos by Liam Annis


Where you from?

Portsmouth NH, born and raised here. I actually haven’t moved off the same block.

Do you like it?

It was cool for a lil bit but its just a small town, its so boring, and there almost no skate spots so I’m ready to get out of here.

Whats your favorite place to skate around you?

Probably Eggs. just because theres so many people there and its just perfect ledges you can skate all day.

How old are you?

Im 19 right now, Im gonna be 20 in a month tho.


back smith

You skate today?

I skated a little today with some of friends from Portsmouth, we just kinda pushed around downtown a little bit. but you really can’t skate anywhere downtown without the cops getting called. Gotta keep it moving.

What do you do during the winter?

I usually just work and skate Rye airfield, which is this local indoor park like 15 min away from my house. I’ve been trying to take trips to escape the snow.

Have any DIY spots by you?

We have Shitpark but at the moment they’re supposed to demolish it.

Damn, what’s going on with that?

Well its a DIY that was built on the base of an old button factory, its just a bunch of concrete ramps at the moment. It used to just be wooden boxes and everything. but they’ve been saying they’re gonna tear it down forever, and the other day there was some excavators there or whatever, so i think they’re ready to get rid of that shit. That was were we skated every single day, all day for the past five or six years.


frontside flip

Ever help with any of the builds?

Hell yeah like in the summer time, every single summer we’d build one or two things. there would be certain people that were running the group but whoever was there would definitely help out. we’d have like 20 something kids helping out mixing concrete. Those days were always mad fun.

You have any rituals when your setting up a board?

I’ve been starting to do the East Coast stripe, I forget who got me hyped on that. It’s a little stripe on the right side of the board, where the grip won’t meet the edge of the board, so you can see a strip in the right corner. Just some East Coast shit I guess.

How would you describe your style of skating?

Damn, I never thought about it I guess, sometimes it comes off sloppy, but I try and just relax. I kinda have crazy arms though sometimes.

Favorite skaters?

That’s always changing but first name that comes to mind. Ishod.

Clips or photos?

That’s tough. I think filming is more fulfilling for some reason. Getting a photo can be pretty quick and easy, and normally filming is more of something you can put hours into so its all in what your feeling but landing a trick you’ve been trying for hours on film is definitely one of the best feelings.

back heel