Galway, Ireland

February 8, 2018
photos by John Finucane

Devin, hippy jump

Galway is a coastal city in the west of Ireland. It’s almost 900 years old. The geology of the area can be seen through the pavement. Cobble roads, granite sets and rough tarmacadam. There’s marble in the Connemara Mountains, but we weren’t blessed with any marble plazas or ledges.

Eamonn, fs nose

Considering the conditions, you’ll forgive us for consistently committing one of skating’s cardinal sins -we tend to stick to our handful of palatable spots.

Seamus, ollie

One of Galway’s dearest sons, John Finucane, visited us from Korea recently and we set out to take some photos around the place, away from our usual haunts. You should always remember that street skating is about exploring the city. It’s too easy to forget there are diamonds in the rough.


Seamus, wallie

Eamonn, back smith