January 25, 2017
photos by Liam Annis
Boston. Established in 1630 is now the home of 7.6 million different people, and the location of over 100 different colleges in the greater Boston area. But what’s more attractive then all those young girls that roam the streets is the skate scene, and it’s accessibility to so many famous street spots.

Aiden Chenard, 5050

Aiden Chenard, wallride

Andrew Mcgraw, bs tail

I say famous due to PJ Ladd’s his Wonderful Horrible Life, City People1, 2, Know The Ledge Vol1,2, and Eastern Standard Time witch showcase a great era of skating in the Boston streets. More recently Orchard’s Stone Soup, The RAW video and the #eggsreport hashtag on Instagram are showing people what is up lately.

Ariel Perl, 180 nosegrind

Brian Reid, gap crook

Curt Daley, switch heel back tail

Boston holds a pretty rich core skate scene, with three different skate shops Orchard, Concepts, and Max Hesh. All these shops are very supportive of their local scene. Like any other core scene, but specifically to a small one like Boston, Respect goes a long way. The city offers a pretty awesome downtown scene starting with Eggs, Aquarium, Navy Yard, Window Sills, and Copley which are all within a couple miles radius.

Devin Woelfel, bs 360 at the Aquarium

Dillon Buss, bs 180

Eric Dasaro, fs flip over egg

Nate Stuart, kickflip

Nick Rudzinski, lipslide

Nick Rudzinski, 5050

Although even with such a rich spot filled downtown, the neighboring towns/cities that make up greater Boston give an even deeper pocket of places to explore get your tricks.

Nhamdil Nhentu, switch hardflip

Shawn Macmillan, ollie on bs flip off

Tommy Wisdom, ollie on

Zeb Weisman, switch shuv

Do not be sleeping on sucha place like Boston, or we will be aggressively waking you up until you cry with joy, and the fear of missing out on one of the USA’s oldest respected cities.