Aldrin Garcia interview

April 1, 2012
photos by Deville

What’s up man?

Chillin in the Powell-Peralta van.
You’re on trip right now, right?
Yea man with half the team and George Powell himself.

Sick, Who’s driving?
The team manager Devillionaire.

Tell him I said “what’s up” and ask him to ask you a question.
He says hi, and asked “if you could have any sponsor outside of skateboarding, what would it be?” I answered “Carlo Rossi”

Age / sex / location
20 / yes/ Flagstaff AZ, but I reside in San Diego CA.

Your last name is Garcia and first name is Aldrin, what’s the deal?
My dad wanted me to be an astronaut like Buzz Aldrin, and my Filipino ancestors got the name from the Spaniards.

I saw you were on the news a few times, did you get paid for that?
Absolutely not. But it’s coverage I guess.

If you could skate any east coast spot past or present, what would it be?
I wanna skate Love Park, Brooklyn banks, and downtown Trenton.

You know the Trenton banks?
Yeah Deville always talks about them.

bs smith

If you could live in any country except America where would it be?
Europe maybe? I hear they take care of their citizens. I bet everyone says Europe.

Europe’s a continent.
Top 5 least favorite pros?
Greg Lutzka, Chaz Ortiz, Richard Jefferson… that’s all I got.

What’s the worst job you ever had?
I did construction with the Bones wheels tm. It’s back breaking work, but it made me appreciate skateboarding more.

What’s the maddest your parents have ever been at you?
Getting caught stealing at Target.

Did they ground you or anything?
Yeah they were bummed. I was grounded for like a week or two.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever stole?
Mp3 player from costco, or a girl’s virginity.

What do you think about the new Slap “One in a Million”?
I don’t really watch ‘em but I hear good things about it so I guess I’m backing it.
I’d watch the new ones before you back it. It’s like a reality TV show now.


How high do you get?
I don’t smoke.

How low can you ollie?
I think I could get as low as two inches.

Ever pissed yourself?
All the time in elementary school and once when I got knocked out at blackbox.

That’s it man. Thanks. Shout out?
Read Skate Jawn and thanks to my fam, Powell Peralta, Bones wheels, Bones bearings, Theeve trucks, 9five sunglasses, CMYK, and all the paradise hills heads.